About Us

About Us

Mrs. Nirmal Suneja and Dr. Krishan Suneja are the founders of Veera Vidhya Devi Charitable Trust, a non-profit organization that strives to improve the  future of young children, girls, women and widows in India.





The name Veera Vidhya derives from Mrs. Suneja’s beloved mother (Mrs. Vidhya Devi) and beloved mother-in-law (Mrs. Veera Devi). These two incredible women played an immense role in shaping Mrs. Suneja’s humanitarian efforts. After they passed away, Mrs. Suneja was determined to create a legacy that would live on as a testimony of their love, compassion, generosity and selflessness. Mrs. Suneja was greatly touched and moved by the power of a mother’s unconditional love and support. It is that quality of unconditional love that become the foundation on which Mrs. Suneja built her life’s true purpose.


Goals & Purpose

The primary goal of the organization is to improve and enhance the lives of children in India that struggle with poverty, illness, lack of education and limited resources. With the ongoing encouragement and support of her husband, Mrs. Suneja has spent the last ten years providing food, clothing, shelter, bedding, recreational activities and toys to children (ages of 5 to 13) who are displaced because their parents suffer from leprosy. She also supports adolescents (Grades 9 to 12) who lack the financial resources to attend school and pays for their education, after-school tuition and school supplies. Mrs. Suneja prepares them for college, pays for their college tuition and offers them a bright and hopeful future.

Mission Statement

Mrs. Suneja’s mission and life purpose is to educate and empower children who are not able to receive sufficient support from their families. Her mission is two-fold. One is to provide children the opportunity to succeed in life with the adequate education and training to become independent, self-sufficient and outstanding citizens. The second is to provide every child with a mother’s unconditional love, warm embrace, loving encouragement and endless support. It is Mrs. Suneja’s dream that every young girl feels loved, supported, nurtured and honored as she truly deserves. With your support, Mrs. Suneja can continue to build communities, uplift families, and offer a bright and shining future to young girls all over India. With your help, we can offer these young girls a life worth living.